What Is The Truth Behind Common Commercial Plumbing Myths?  

Aug 5, 2022 | Commercial, Commercial Properties, electrician, HVAC, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Plumbing, Plumbing Services

Although hiring an expert plumber can be costly and take a long time, it is better than seeking advice or help from sources who may worsen the problems in your commercial plumbing system, such as internet hacks and uncertified handymen. To help you avoid following misleading advice, our expert commercial plumbers at Five Star Mechanical Solutions have shed some light on these myths. 

Can Building Maintenance Take Care Of Your Commercial Plumbing Issues? 

Although your building maintenance team is in charge of the well-being of the building and what keeps it running, when they detect an issue, they don’t always need to repair it, especially if it is a plumbing problem that requires a professional in the field. If you’re experiencing a simple issue such as a clogged drain or repairing a sink, most maintenance workers can handle the task. However, if the task becomes a more complex plumbing issue, you should get in touch with your local plumbing contractors. Keep in mind that not all plumbers can do everything, so ensure you’re hiring someone very qualified for the job. 

Is Ignoring Slow Leaks Harmful To Your Plumbing System? 

Most folks often consider slow leaking water fixtures not that big of a problem and leave it alone. However, it may not seem like much water, but when your sink or toilet leaks, it adds up quickly and can significantly impact your water bills. Slow leaks can also add wear and tear to water fixtures and faucets, causing them to worsen over time. Therefore, commercial building leaks are a big deal and should be addressed as soon as possible.   

Do Toilet Tabs Help Keep Toilets Fresh? 

Commercial building cleaning crews typically use bleach toilet tabs to ensure the water fixtures around your business remain fresh and clean. Unfortunately, the high amounts of bleach in each tab can ruin a toilet and eventually cause damage to your plumbing system. Nobody likes a dirty bathroom, but toilet tabs are not what your commercial cleaning crew should be using to keep toilets clean. Instead, keep toilets fresh by using bleach cleaner that sits on the surface for only a few minutes, avoiding destruction to your toilet and plumbing system. 

Does Boiling Water Wash Away Grease On Your Pipes? 

You may have heard this myth before from your grandparents or someone older, but boiling water does not wash away grease on your pipes. Years ago, most homeowners believed that because of how hot the boiling water would get, it could clear out their pipes. However, it wasn’t very helpful. To ensure your pipes are not filled with grease, discard any grease in the trash and not in any sinks or water fixtures. 

If you’re curious about the interior workings of your commercial building’s plumbing system, and other myths you should know about, you can always rely on Five Star Mechanical Solutions! Our commercial plumbers are certified and trained to ensure your plumbing system receives proper maintenance and utmost care. Call us today at (937) 404-5286, or schedule an appointment online by clicking here! 

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