How Does Commercial HVAC Differ From Residential HVAC?

Jul 14, 2022 | Commercial, Commercial Properties, Dayton, HVAC, Licensed, Local, Ohio, Residential

Deciding whether your business needs a commercial or residential HVAC system can be difficult if you’re not aware of the difference between the equipment. Although commercial and residential HVAC systems provide heating, cooling, and ventilation, they have a few key differences: their parts and mechanisms. In this article, our experts at Five Star Mechanical breakdown critical differences between residential and commercial HVAC systems and which is best for your business.  

Does Size Really Matter with Commercial and Residential Equipment? 

Commercial HVAC systems are much larger than residential pieces of equipment because they need to heat, cool, and ventilate larger areas. In terms of components, commercial HVAC systems also have different thermostats, dampers, condenser fans, evaporators, compressors, and blowers. Additionally, because commercial HVAC equipment uses larger equipment, they are more likely to require more power than residential systems.  

Why are Commercial and Residential Systems Installed in Different Areas? 

Typically, residential HVAC systems are installed in the backyard or on the side of the house. However, commercial HVAC systems are set up on your facility’s rooftop. These commercial systems are installed on roofs because of their noise pollution and larger size. This also provides technicians a safe location to maintain and repair the unit and helps avoid any tampering with the equipment. 

How Will Commercial Systems Affect Cost versus Residential Systems?  

Commercial HVAC systems will ultimately be more costly than residential HVAC systems because of the size, complexity of components, and the difference in mechanisms. In addition, commercial units require an HVAC technician, like the experts at Five Star Mechanical, who understand this particular equipment and can ensure a perfect installation and superior routine maintenance. 

Despite both commercial and residential HVAC equipment accomplishing the same goal in heating, cooling, and ventilating, choosing the correct equipment is essential for your business. If you’re unsure which is the best fit for your business, our expert HVAC specialists can lend a helping hand! Our commercial HVAC technicians are very knowledgeable and familiar with what equipment would fit best and will create solutions for your business’ HVAC goals. Call Five Star Mechanical Solutions today at (937) 404-5286, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! We look forward to serving your home and your business!  

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