Commercial Heating, Cooling & Ventilation Services in Dayton & Columbus

Commercial HVAC systems have the same objectives as residential HVAC systems. Whether it’s a furnace, heat pump, air conditioning system, or ventilation, their goal is to keep the building’s occupants comfortable with high-quality air and optimal humidity. Effective commercial HVAC systems reduce odors, dilute gases and help prevent respiratory diseases from spreading.

If you’re a Dayton, OH area or Columbus, OH area business or building owner looking for a trustworthy HVAC contractor to take on your next project, call Five Star Mechanical Solutions today! We specialize in gas furnaces, electric furnaces, oil furnaces, heat pumps, air handles, split-system A/Cs, thermostats, and much more. Whether you need a commercial furnace repair, furnace installation, air conditioner installation, or a full-system tune-up, safety check and maintenance visit — you can count on Five Star Mechanical Solutions for all your commercial heating and cooling needs around the clock.

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Commercial Heating Services in Dayton, OH

Commercial Heating System Solutions Central & Southwest Ohio

Five Star Mechanical Solutions has been in the heating and cooling industry for 50 years and during that time we’ve learned a few things. As a locally-owned and operated furnace contractor serving all of the Greater Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati areas, we’ve learned the importance of superior products, superior workmanship, and above all, we’ve learned the importance of customer satisfaction. Our NATE-certified technicians can service all brands of furnaces and all types of commercial heating equipment. We specialize in installing top-notch commercial heating systems, we offer the finest commercial furnaces with the best warranties in the entire HVAC industry.

Industrial Gas Furnace & Electric Furnace Repair, Maintenance & Installation in Dayton, OH

Whether you need a commercial furnace repair, furnace installation, or a furnace tune-up, safety check, and maintenance visit — you can count on Five Star Mechanical Solutions for all your commercial heating needs around the clock. At Five Star, we sell and install high efficiency gas furnaces and electric furnaces, zoned heating systems, ductless heating system, and wide range of high-quality commercial furnaces, heat pumps, air handlers, natural energy furnaces, oil and gas steam heating, gas or oil water furnaces and other types of commercial heaters. We also repair all types of commercial heating equipment, all types of furnaces for all types of buildings and perform preventative maintenance and commercial furnace tune-ups at low rates with service agreements to help you keep your building’s heating system working at its best and keep your building safe.

Industrial Cooling System Services in Dayton, OH & Columbus, OH

In today’s modern world, you’re highly unlikely to find a commercial space or public building without at least somewhat up-to-date air conditioning equipment. Nearly all commercial buildings — from restaurants, churches, schools and shops to large office buildings — have one or two air conditioning systems installed. Whenever there’s a need for a new commercial A/C system, business owners, engineers, construction managers and service managers often find it confusing to choose the right commercial air conditioning unit for their building. Like buying any other technical equipment such as a car or computer, one needs to research brands and companies to try to understand which one offers the best services.

Commercial air conditioning equipment requires special consideration for installation, repairs, and maintenance. They are substantially different from residential air conditioners. The biggest difference between cooling a commercial space and cooling a residential area is the amount of power necessary. Businesses often have larger areas. Because of this, air conditioners with larger cooling capacities are usually required at commercial spaces.

Industrial Air Conditioner & Cooling System Repair, Maintenance & Installation

When it comes to purchasing commercial air conditioning equipment, Five Star Mechanical Solutions offers the best A/C products for all types of buildings. We sell and install all types of commercial air conditioning equipment, including single split A/C systems, multi-split A/C systems, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) or variable refrigerant volume (VRV) heat pumps. We sell systems for larger buildings and warehouses, including variable air volume (VAV) systems or constant air volume (CAV) systems, which use a single-duct supply and return vent. We also sell and install big ceiling fans, evaporative coolers, industrial box fans and rooftop A/C units. Call us in Dayton, OH for commercial cooling services are prices that can’t be beat.

Focusing on Commercial Indoor Air Quality Solutions

The research findings continue to mount up and one thing is clear. Indoor air quality is a huge factor in the health and well-being of building occupants. Some studies suggest the average American spends an average of 90% of their time indoors. Because of this, a lot of overdue attention has been given to the effects of indoor pollution. Despite this, the EPA estimates that indoor air contaminants be as much as 50 times worse than outdoor air. If you own a business or have a building that is often occupied by people, whether that be yourself, your employees, your tenants or your customers — it’s an area you cannot afford to overlook!

Five Star Mechanical Solutions offers indoor air quality solutions that are ahead of the curve in an industry that’s only beginning to pay attention to the importance of indoor air quality. In fact, we offer a level of air care that’s beyond comparison.

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